... her lawyer was like a fairy godmother, because she gave my mom her life back.

- 11 year old daughter of a seriously injured woman

A satisfied client


I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your expert representation. In this age of large law practices, where the individual becomes part of a system which caters to the chosen few relative to the bottom line, it is comforting to know people like myself are just as important as those deemed to be tapped to be considered the face of a well rehearsed media blitz.

Your personal touch and involvement throughout the process gave me a sense of confidence, knowing I had a knowledgeable and insightful professional, who not only understood the law, but could relate to the layman, such as myself, by being available and passionate on a personal level. Again, I feel I have not only found a legal individual with a passion for the law, but someone who can relate to each and every client, as though they were family.

- Long-time client, against Delta Airlines

Satisfied client with a severe injury
An injury left this client in a brace and walker

A friend referred Angie to me after my leg had to be amputated from a rollover van accident. That was in 2005. She has been fighting my case year after year and collecting my benefits. We have fought different law firms, and we have been in different courts. This year we made a big settlement for my benefits into the future. We will keep fighting because my treatment will continue all my life... and she has been one of my best friends through all of this.

- Amputee, Ann Arbor, MI

Angelle has been my lawyer for three lawsuits now. I had two different car accidents and suffered with different injuries. We had to file two no-fault cases and cases against the negligent drivers. My third lawsuit was a fall at a shopping mall parking lot. She has taken care of me for almost fifteen years now. She does the best job, and really cares about people. She is the first person I called after my son drowned. She is like my family. She will always be my lawyer.

- Ypsilanti, MI

This client was left wheelchair bound after an injury

I am very grateful to have been blessed with my lawyer, Angelle M. Rothis. I thank her parents who were her first teachers in life, for instilling in their daughter ethics, grace, and competency. Angelle is sincere and tenacious. She never backs down and will guard her client like a mother protects her cub.

I was staying at a local inn with my little dog, because I had a sewer problem at home. My whole world changed in an instant. The cause was the inexcusable fact that their furniture was not safe. Testing proved the unfortunate fact of serious injury to my neck and back. I was in excruciating pain and had to look for an attorney.

My girlfriend, who is a client of Angelle's, referred her to me and told me not to worry at all. She knew the law and would stand by me and work with me. Even if I was in pain and confused, she would be patient, competent, and kind.

My lawyer Angelle provided optimism and assurance during this entire journey. I would have been lost without her. I am happy and proud to know her. I am beyond satisfied.

- Recent client, defective chair